How To Get Rich In 10


Investing involves risk and investors should carefully consider their own investment objectives and never rely on any single chart, graph, or marketing piece to make decisions. Content provided is intended for informational purposes only, is not a recommendation to buy or sell any securities, and should not be considered tax, legal, or investment advice. Please contact your tax, legal, or financial professional with questions about your specific needs and circumstances. The information contained herein was obtained from sources believed to be reliable, however, their accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed. All data are driven from publicly available information and has not been independently verified by United Capital. Investing money is how to become a millionaire, so Cardone believes the only reason to save money would be to one day invest it.

Roth IRA’s are simply an investment account, not an investment. Banks don’t permit stock/bond/equity investing – just CD’s.

But I’m hoping I’ll be well enough to keep exploring again soon. There’s a river cruise along the Rhine that I’ve got my eye on. I finally started school aged 10, and from my late teens onwards I worked as a secretary in all sorts of places. I married and had four kids, we divorced while they were in primary school and, much like my dad, my husband refused to pay for anything. I was born in London in 1938, and my father left my mother 10 months later.

I already practice “Spending a lot less than you earn” but then what do you do w/ the leftover money? Many of these articles, books, and courses probably aren’t worth the time invested in consuming them. A few might actually be phenomenal and worth their weight in gold. Opinions expressed are those of the author’s and not necessarily United Capital.

Cardone believes there’s no shortage of money. The key is to get in front of those who have it, investors or potential buyers, and provide them with value. For example, if you can figure out a way to get 5, 000 people to buy a $200 product, you’d have $1 million. Or if 5, 000 people paid you $17 a month for 12 months, that would also get you to $1 million. While these examples are highly simplified, his point is to do the math to create possibility, then create the strategy to make it happen. I’m not so well now, and the money is paying for my care to keep me going. I’m getting a wet room put in soon, because I can’t get in the bath.

Become Rich

There was a diphtheria scare, and I became unwell. The bombing started in the 1940s, and soon we were sleeping on the platform at Highbury and Islington tube station. In 1943, I caught polio – the doctors said it was from the soldiers passing through the station. I was hospitalised for years, moving from ward to ward as the raids continued. I got offered £68, 000 to walk away – more money than I could ever have dreamed of. One box had a fiver in it, the other £250, 000.

For years, GE’s been preaching to save and invest as much of your income as you comfortably can. Not so much that you can’t afford food, but don’t live too large either. So when you pull back on #1 and focus on #2… what’s the end-game? What does a dragon do with his massive pile of gold? I understanding needing financial security but eventually the word “overkill” comes to mind. Enjoy what you earn… make experiences, give, and be happy.